My Favourite ‘Me Time’ Activities

All of us have to take time for ourselves occasionally, but what exactly do you do in your ‘me time’?

Well… these are a few ways that I like to spend my alone time, I hope they give you some ideas on how you could unwind! I’d love to hear what you guys do in your relaxation time, comment below or on my instagram and let me know!


Taking a bath is one of my favourite ways to wind down… but not just any old bath, it has to be a bath with a little extra. I love adding magnesium flakes, bath salts, bath fizzes, bath bombs, mint, lemon slices, cucumber, rose petals and anything else I can find that makes my bath go from zero to hero.

I purchase my bath salts and magnesium flakes from a local company here in Adelaide called @goodiesandgrains

I purchase my bath bombs and soaps from either another local Adelaide company called @OhDeerSugar or from @LUSHCosmetics

If you find yourself having an ordinary bath, I suggest turning off the lights, igniting a candle and playing some relaxing music. My go-to bath playlist is always full of acoustic covers but that’s just my personal choice.


I find that getting lost in a book is the perfect way to take your mind off of reality and just immerse your brain in a world of imagination. Finding the right book is important. Try to read books that aren’t relatable to your situation so that you get to experience that feeling of being immersed in a life that isn’t your own. I love self help books and books that focus on spiritual development when you’re feeling a little lost in your own way. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to reading… feel free to experiment and let your brain explore an array of different stories, characters and places.


I wish I was one of those people that write in their journal everyday but sadly, I am not. I do however find myself writing down my thoughts, goals, aspirations and feelings about every day life whenever I have some down time. I think that the best times to journal are either when you first wake up and have a clear mind, or right before you go to bed if you find that your brain is busy and can’t seem to wind down. Just write down everything that you think of, it doesn’t have to make any sense at all, just put pen to paper and you will notice just how clear your mind becomes.


I love running. I love being outside, feeling the air rush by as you run, being alone, listening to my running playlist and just pushing myself to my limit. I do however hate running without a view so you’ll always find me doing my run at the beach or though a gorge or up some cliffs, not around my suburban area haha! So that’s my tip for you as well, find some gorgeous places outside around your local area no go for a walk or a run and just soak in the sun and the fresh air and let your body move.


Yoga is another way that I love to unwind and move my body. I was a dancer my whole childhood and adolescence so stretching and flexibility have always been a part of my life. I love how yoga incorporates the use of breath, the use of the mind and the use of the body all at once. If you are new to yoga, I suggest finding a YouTube channel to follow or attend some classes in your local area. My favourite YouTube channels for yoga are @BohoBeautifulLife and @YogaWithAdriene


There is something about getting messy in the kitchen that is so relaxing. I absolutely love baking when I have a little extra time on my hands. Whether it be a loaf of bread or some doughnuts, getting messy and having a delicious treat to reward yourself with afterwards always leaves me feeling relaxed, accomplished and happy. If you need some ideas of what to bake check out some of my baking recipes here!

I hope these tips will give you some ideas to change up what you do in your alone time. Please share with me what you get up to when you feel the need to wind down and relax, comment below or hit us up on Instagram @CrueltyFreeHealth