Unleashed Women Charity Campaign

Hello Beautiful Souls!
I am writing this post to talk about a charity campaign that I was involved in that I have become more passionate about and want to do a little bit extra to help out.

The charity campaign is called ‘Unleased Women’ by the Hunger Project Australia. I was introduced to the campaign by Visual Amplifiers which is a company that aligns brands with influencers. Visual Amplifiers posted about the campaign on their app and I automatically volunteered myself to take part and share the campaign on my Instagram @crueltyfreehealth

The camapaign focuses on empowering women to end global hunger. The goal of the campaign is to raise $200,000 and reaching 160,000 women to end hunger and poverty within their communities. The money raised goes towards:

– providing access for mothers and babies to receive quality healthcare and nutrition.

– pays for education for girls within these communities to stay in school which helps avoid child marriage situations for these children.

– gives women access to Microfinance loans and training in financial literacy so women can start their own businesses and become financially dependent to help break the poverty cycle.

And as amazing as all of the above points are, if you’re anything like me… my first thought was ‘why aren’t they distributing food to the starving people then?’

and this is why and it 100% makes sense

‘The Hunger Project addresses the root causes of hunger and poverty using a methodology that is affordable, replicable and sustainable. Our methodology emphasizes rural development and self-reliance. It enables women and men to eradicate persistent hunger in their communities, and makes them more resilient so that they can cope with famine or other emergencies as they arise.’ – The Hunger Project Australia.

So let’s get to the point…

This month (November 17th to be exact) is my 21st Birthday and I am asking you to celebrate with me. I would love it if you could donate anything at all whether that be $1 or $100, it truly will make a difference and I will appreciate every cent donated to this cause.

I believe everyone who engages with my content through all of the Cruelty Free Health platforms are compassionate people that would happily give a little bit of their hard earned money to those who might need it more than themselves.

Click here to donate to ‘Unleashed Women