Sushi Bowls. This is not a recipe, however I have been eating these practically every day so I felt the need to share the concept with you guys.

A deconstructed sushi bowl is basically everything you would put inside a sushi roll, except in a bowl and not rolled up!

My basic deconstructed sushi bowl consists of the following:
– Sushi Rice
– Roasted Soy Sauce Pumpkin
– Cucumber
– Avocado
– Sautéed Veggies in Garlic and Soy Sauce
– Seaweed or Seaweed Sushi Topper Seasoning

I have also added baked tofu, marinated mushrooms, salad veggies, vegan ‘schnitzel’ or other mock meats, vegan mayo, fried shallots, sesame seeds and dulse flakes.

I’d love to see you guys play around with your sushi bowl ideas! Don’t forget to tag me on instagram whenever you make my recipes or are inspired by my content! @crueltyfreehealth