Q & A #1



Yesterday on Instagram I asked you guys to send me some questions via Direct Message and here are the most popular questions answered.

I went vegan in June 2015 and therefore have no been vegan for 2 years!

This is a controversial question and I hope that no one gets offended by my answer. I have been studying nutrition at university over the last 2-3 years and through my studies I have learned a lot. I believe that a vegan, plant-based, whole food diet is the HEALTHIEST way of eating you can choose. however, I do think there are other ways of eating healthy. I believe that you can be healthy whilst eating certain cuts of meat, certain amounts of meat etc, however I do not believe that dairy products are beneficial to our health what-so-ever. Although I believe you can live a healthy life consuming some meat, I do believe eliminating meat and swapping it for beautiful plant foods is healthier and better for us.

Oh, eggs. These are a funny food and the media is constantly feeding us information that they’re bad for us and then five minutes later they’re great for us! I have a blog post on this subject that I posted a few months back, I suggest you give it a read.



Calorie counting can be a great tool for nutritionists/dietitians to track your energy input. Calorie counting can be dangerous for those who are prone to that restrictive eating state of mind or who have previous eating disorder history. Calorie counting is a tool, not a way to diet. Restricting your energy intake can only do damage to your body and your metabolism, do not restrict your calories without consultation with a nutrition professional.

My favourite vegan chocolate are these two:



Oil is not a health food. Oil is 100% fat. Oil is simply added for flavour or to cook something in fat. It is definitely not good for you. Do I cook with it sometimes? yes. Do I eat oil? yes. ALL IN MODERATION.

Yes I do.
B12 Supplement I use.