Being vegan shouldn’t make you feel isolated when it comes to getting food with friends or attending food related events, but it does. Here’s a few tips and tricks I have learned that have made this experience a little less awkward for me.

If you are organising to catch up with a friend somewhere for a meal, take the time to look up places and see if they have a vegan option or even an entirely vegan menu.
No matter where you live, there is going to be places around that will cater towards your dietary needs, you just need to find them. Some of my favourite restaurants from before my vegan days actually have vegan options and some even have an entirely secret separate vegan menu.

If you’re just going for coffee, most places will have a plant milk alternative to dairy milk so don’t worry.
Breakfast dates can be a bit trickier and finding the right place to go is key (unless you want to eat something boring). I find that trendy little cafes that are based around nutrition are the easiest to find vegan breakfast options. My favourite place in Adelaide that is non-vegan but has an insane amount of vegan options (especially for breakfast) is ARGOS ON THE PARADE.

I find that looking for lunch/dinner options isn’t too tricky, it’s all about looking up menus before you go and planning ahead.

Salted Caramel Waffle, ARGOS ON THE PARADE.

I know it’s awkward, but you must do so. I hate having to ask the waiter/waitress questions but I’d rather ask someone I’ll never see again an annoying question than accidentally eat meat or dairy.
– If there’s an option that seems vegan on the menu, double check that it is.
– If there’s no vegan option, ask if the chef could make you something to eat.
– Don’t be scared to ask if a vegetarian option could be turned vegan, it might be easier than you anticipate.
– Call ahead and ask them to prepare you something vegan if you know there’s no options for you but you have to eat there for an event/function.

Veggie Vitality Burger, GRILL’D.


When a friend asks to catch up for lunch or dinner, I know lots of places that will cater to both our food requests. I am a member of different Facebook groups where people discuss their experiences at different restaurants etc which has in turn given me more knowledge about what places have vegan options, secret vegan menus or are willing to veganise things. If you’re from Adelaide like me, I recommend joining this page: ADELAIDE VEGANS. but if you’re not from Adelaide then I suggest searching around on Facebook, there is likely a similar community.

The idea sounds daunting at first, but most people will be open to it. Ask them, the worst that can happen is they say no.

Roasted Vegetables, Avocado, Hummus and Sourdough, NAGEV PLANT BASED KITCHEN.