Over the last two years of my veganism journey, I have tried endless amounts of beauty products. I had to change up my entire beauty regime as all the products I was using before weren’t cruelty free let alone vegan.

The products listed within this post are all used by me on a regular basis and I haven’t been paid or endorsed to promote them at all. I honestly just want to recommend products that I have truthfully found beneficial to my body.

Its also important to note that I have naturally dry hair and combination skin and it’s possible you might not have the same results by using these products if you have a different hair/skin type to myself.

I hope my recommendations/reviews are useful to you,
enjoy and happy pampering!

– Britt (Cruelty Free Health)

Okay, this is hands down my favourite product of all time and actually the only product I had used prior to veganism as well. I was naturally drawn to this product due to it’s scent. It smells of caramel popcorn and honestly those two words don’t even begin to describe the aroma this product has, it is honestly insane how good it smells. The ingredients are incredible and the product is handmade as well.
The ingredients consist of Maize flour, Glycerine, Talc, Water, Corn Oil, Polenta, Cinnamon, Perfume, Gardenia extract and popcorn.
The Maize flour is what gives the scrub it’s exfoliating properties and I promise you now, it works wonders. I have combination-type skin and often my skin is quite dry and in need of a good exfoliant, this product has saved my skin from looking flaky on more than one occasion. I highly recommend.
I adore the company LUSH as (most? if not all) of their products are vegan friendly which makes shopping a lot easier!! But also all of their products are handmade, mostly natural ingredients, they’re creative, beautiful and always have the most incredible scents. Above all, I rarely find a LUSH product that I don’t enjoy or see benefits from.
I love how long this little tub of cleanser lasts as well. This product really is one that lives up to the ‘a little bit goes a long way’ saying. You only need to get a tiny scoop of the scrub on to your finger and then rub in to your palm with a dab of water and it will create a smooth, milky paste.

My favourite product by far.
The Scent is to die for.

Another product with an amazing scent. I absolutely love the combination of coconut and coffee, the coconut is definitely the most dominant scent in this scrub but that hint of coffee is absolutely beautiful. There are going to be quite a few SUKIN products in this list as it is definitely my favourite natural skincare company and it’s Australian which is another bonus. I think my favourite thing about this product which I can’t say about most exfoliating scrubs is that it doesn’t contain any micro-beads or micro-plastics to do the exfoliating, it’s all natural ingredients which means that no micro-plastics are going down the drain and in to our oceans. If you wish to learn more about the damaging effects of micro-plastic on our oceans I recommend visiting here and also watching the documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean’ which is now on Netflix here in Australia. This product contains sesame, walnut, coffee, coconut, jojoba, rosehip and vitamin E which as a combination do wonders for your skin. I love how my body feels after using this product, so lively and rejuvenated. I usually use this product before shaving my legs or prior to putting on self tanner, as I think having all that dead skin gone makes you look so much better when putting a tan on!

This is the best face mask I have EVER used. I have combination skin, however I am super prone to having blackheads and other little blemishes. This is the only mask I have ever used that you can visibly tell that your pores have had a huge clean out afterwards, and your skin doesn’t feel dry after removing the mask either! The only thing is the mask does have instructions to be used only for fifteen minutes however, I never leave it on less than 30 minutes because I seem to get much better results that way.  This mask doesn’t have the best smell but it definitely is not awful and based just on how my skin looks and feels afterwards, I think I can ignore the smell! This mask contains different oils such as rosehip, avocado, coconut, lavender and lime. This mask contains charcoal which obviously gives it it’s colour but also may be the source of its incredible cleansing properties (we all know how good charcoal is at purifying the body in different ways) I like to use this mask whenever my skin is having an oily day, I don’t recommend using it on dry skin as it is made with the intention of reducing oil and could possibly dry out your skin further and lead to irritation.
The thing I think I love most about this product is how smooth it goes on, it is so easy to apply and also super easy to remove which is so important to me when finding a face mask.

Another Sukin product and also another one in their oil balancing and charcoal range. The ingredients are very similar to the face mask I just mentioned which all have detoxifying and purifying properties. The thing I love about this facial scrub the most (like the Sukin body scrub I mentioned earlier) is that it doesn’t contain any micro-beads and instead contains Jojoba Beads as it’s exfoliating texture which are biodegradable unlike the micro-plastics in most facial scrubs. I love that this scrub contains aloe vera, chamomile and cucumber which work together to soothe the skin once exfoliated, giving the skin a ‘clean’ look and glow. I couldn’t recommend this product more highly for people with skin types like mine that are combination and are prone to blackheads and blemishes.


I’ve never been one to enjoy moisturising after I get out of the shower but lately my legs have been really dry- especially after shaving them. I decided to go on the hunt for a moisturiser but nothing seemed to be hydrating enough for my legs- until I found this. I love this body cream because not only is it extremely hydrating for the skin, it also doesn’t leave you feeling sticky and wet afterwards which I absolutely hate. Who wants to stand in the bathroom naked and freezing waiting for their moisturiser to dry? NOT ME.  This cream is scented with lemon myrtle and lime which I absolutely adore. It makes me feel like summer is coming even in the middle of winter. This product says it is suitable for all skin types which is great! I personally use this every other day whenever I get out of the shower or have shaved my legs and I usually massage it in to my lower legs, thighs, butt and breasts. (my boyfriend has noticed two of those body parts feeling a lot more smooth if ya know what I mean hehe)

I think by now you have realised how much I love my scented beauty products and these two hair products are no different. These two products are scented ‘organic rose’ and they definitely smell like Spring. I have tried endless amounts of vegan shampoo and conditioners and I could never find a shampoo that felt like it was cleaning my hair nor could I find a conditioner that felt like it was hydrating my hair enough, until I was gifted these. My boyfriends mother is a hairdresser and she gave me a hair care pack for Christmas last year which had these two inside and ever since i have been obsessed. The shampoo lathers so well and leaves my hair feeling clean without feeling like it’s stripped of all it’s natural oils. The conditioner is also so hydrating and leaves my hair feeling silky yet strong every single time. I couldn’t recommend these two products enough if you’re looking for vegan hair care.